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Golf in France

When it comes to playing golf, France might be one of the best market in Europe. Since it became popular during the 80’s and 90’s, France focused on innovation and intensive growth of the game of golf through the marketing, coaching and variety of business models related to golf courses. As a result, the golf developed into one of the most popular industries with the incredible growth. Considering the mild climate conditions, France can offer a year round golf opportunities making it the most popular destination for all golf lovers.

If we look at the numbers we can notice that there are more than 100 golf courses in france owned by multicourse chains and over 200 courses within commercial networks. The number of golf players is increasing from year to year and the last statistics reports points that France has over 40.000 active golf players. Interesting fact is that 70% of players are male, 30% female and approximately 11%a re junior players. Golf in France is become more and more popular every year.


Think about playing golf while enjoying in stunning nature and superb seaview? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it! If you still haven’t planned your vacation, take a break and have it all on in one – unforgettable holiday and golf activities. Weather you decided to stay at the Atlantic coast or enjoy the warm Mediterranean, this fantastic country will always surprise you.

Think about renting a chateau in France and spending two weeks with your friends and family. Travel, enjoy, relax and recharge your batteries.

The unknown Rome by Travelgenio

The eternal city, Rome, is a place where history is in every corner exposed. You can deal directly with the many monuments in its streets.

Anyway, Travelgenio, an online travel agency that offers you the best rates for flights, car rental, hotels and travel insurances, wants to show you a different trip, a trip where you can enjoy and find unique places that are not as known as the most popular monuments we are used to visit.

The unknown Rome

There are many archaeological sites in Rome you can visit, and some of them are really popular for tourist. One of this different rests are located in the Palazzo Valentini, where you will be able to find the Domus Romane, a Roman ville founded last 2005. You will enjoy a multimedia video of about 30 minutes where you will understand the real importance of this discovery and the way it worked during their life.

Near the Piazza Navona there is a temple you should visit if you are an art lover. As Travelgenio guides us, we have to visit the San Luigi dei Francesi church, where you will be able to watch some Caravaggio works like the St. Matthew avocation. Here the baroque style is unique, not only because of the paintings in its walls but also because of some details in the architecture of the church itself.

Although in the Rome streets you can get to the Christian Centre, the Vatican City, in this city is located a protestant cemetery near the Cestia Pyramid. It is another way to understand the faith of this eternal city and the eternal rest of those who did not practise Christianity in the Roman Catholic way.

Have you ever heard about the Malta Priory in Rome. You have to arrive to the top of the Aventino Hill and look through the keyhole of their door. You will be able to discover one of the best secrets of this part of the city. The sightseeing here is not as popular as in other balconies, but you will get impressed of the way the St. Peter’s Dome looks.

These are just some of the most unknown spots in the city but we promise you that, if you follow our instructions, you will be able to enjoy the city in a very different and original way.