Alcudia Old Town Guide in Mallorca

The old town of Alcudia situated in the north of Mallorca is fast becoming a tourist spot for those wishing to enjoy more than the touristy beaches of this region. The town is surrounded by medieval century walls and towers built in the 14 century and are illuminated beautifully if you happen to visit the place at night time. Walking down the streets, you will be able to sense a huge contrast between the old town and the modern tourist resort outside the walls. The area within the wall which is about 400 metres wide has a number of attractions for you to visit and explore.


With a history and a mystique charm, the town of Alcudia offers a more authentic Mallorcan experience with its traditional fiestas, musical festivals and fairs and is home to the best markets on Mondays and Tuesdays of every week. You could explore the countryside surrounding the town either in a car or on your bicycle.

Alcudia has a long history of the first human settlement dating back to 2000-1300BC. This was followed by Phoenician and Greek settlements, but the town reached its heyday in the 2nd century BC when the Roman invaders made it their capital. It was the Romans who built the streets, sewers and a proper drainage system. They also built an impressive theatre on the outskirts of the town in 1 century BC. After the Roman empire declined in 3rd century BC, the town of Alcudia was destroyed by the Vandals. The wall of the town was built as a part of the Spanish conquest in the 14 century. Alcudia though not a major participator in bullfighting contests, hosts two bullfights a year.

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The Alcudian restaurants are famous for specializing in Mallorcan food that includes stews, stuffed vegetables and fish dishes. The interiors are usually decorated with antique furniture. Apart from Mallorcan dishes, the town of Alcudia is also famous for Mediterranean dishes made out of fresh market produce.

There are number of things you can do at Alcudia especially during Tuesdays and Sundays which play host to a special market. On these days, the markets are filled with leather goods, linens and souvenirs. Sightseeing of the place can be organized with the help of the local tourist office. The beaches of northern Mallorca are just another place to spend your day enjoying the pale blue sea. There is also a natural reserve, S’Albufera Natural Park known for its wetlands and bird watching. A water park is also located a few miles from the town that is an ideal spot for families. Among other activities worth trying out around the countryside are cycling and a game of golf. There are a number of boutique and high-end hotels in Alcudia. With traditional Mallorcan décor and neoclassical furniture, these hotels have something for every budget.

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