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Importance Of Diet While Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

Food is most important for every people and especially for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. There are varieties of food are available for people and it is most essential to eat the food which is good in proteins and vitamins. Different people like different varieties of food and in most of the food we will get some types of proteins or nutrients. It is good for everyone to know nutritional value in each food before they are intake. It is most important for pregnant women to know about the food which they are intake. Many people like to eat the raw food and most of the women like to eat sushi. It is a fish which we can eat raw. There is a chance of parasite form inside the sushi while we are intake raw. While exporting the sushi they will freeze the sushi and there is no chance of parasite to form inside the sushi. But in raw fish there is chance of parasite form and it will grow fast inside the fish. It is better to avoid the pregnant women because it will harm the growth and development of the baby.

Is that dangerous food while breastfeeding

Many people will think they will eat the sushi after their delivery. Still there is a lot of doubt about the sushi while breastfeeding because the baby will receive from their breast milk. Not only is the parasite found inside the raw sushi there is also a problem of mercury in it. The mercury will release into the blood stream and it will cause the problem in walking, listening and seeing. But in some researches they are telling they can eat the cooked sushi. It is most important to check the mercury level in it before consuming that. Breast feeding mother’s can eat the cooked sushi and they need to check the mercury level in that. And they can also consume the sushi which is frozen. It is not good to eat the fresh raw sushi. Breast feeding mothers should choose the restaurant where they are using the flash frozen fish for sushi for cooking.